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New Works Festival 2021


With over 400 monologue entries from various playwrights sent in from all around the world, our play reading team had their work cut out for them. They eagerly dived in, reading every word and turning every page, advancing along only the best of the best.  They worked tirelessly night and day until their bloodshot eyes would no longer stay open and they cried out for rest. They rated, discussed, argued and lost sleep over the monologues  they thought should be included in the Festival.  After weeks of hard work, they finally narrowed the selection pool down to 25 of the best monologues for our needs that they considered the top of the crop that would stimulate, challenge and entertain our audience. Perhaps we could have unlocked the door to the reading room sooner than that to let them out, but they had to get the job done.

And they did. 


Here is the list of playwrights whose monologues which will be included our First Annual New Works Festival. 



Andrea Fleck Clardy

Arthur M. Jolly

Beatrix Wagner

Dana Hall

David Lipschutz

Deborah Ann Percy & Arnold Johnston

Emily Hageman

Erin Wilcox

Jack G. Hyman

Jack Seamus Conley

James Menges

John Minigan

Judith Pratt

Lavinia Roberts

Margo Rife

Matt Sanders & Ariel Aliza Sanders

Michael Hardstark

Midge Guerrera

Pamela Morgan

Philip J. Kaplan

Richard Castle

Robert Alexander Wray

Shelley Stolaroff Segal

Stefan Diethelm

Sydney Keith

Vivian C. Lermond

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